EverQuest On PlayStation 4 Confirmed!

Discussion in 'EQN News and Articles' started by Amaru, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Amaru

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    IGN recently had an interview with SOE president John Smedley. During this interview Smed was asked about what IPs they would bring to the PS4, here is what his response was
    Take notice that he said "it would closely resemble EverQuest Next", does this mean that it would be an EQN spin off of some sort, maybe even a third new EverQuest game being created for the PS4? I imagine this project is well away, but for a former EQOA player like myself this is great news.

    To read the full interview, check it out here.
  2. Fate

    Fate New Member

    This sounds really interesting and certainly makes the PS4 sound more attractive to me. I had been holding off on even looking at the next gen consoles as the only console games I've played in the past few years is one of the Final Fantasies (can't remember which, only played for a few hours) and the Project Diva PS3 game, but a game similar to EQNext and hopefully a price drop by then on the console could get me back into console gaming at least to an extent.

    I am curious what the Everquest game will be like, as from the way it is worded it doesn't seem like they're porting EQN to the PS4. I'd really like to see a new version of Champions of Norrath with some of EQN's systems in place, as the Champions games were both favorites of mine back on the PS2.
  3. Fresnel

    Fresnel Member Donator

    I saw a previous interview with smedley. He said pretty much the same thing that we will always have a game for the playstation. He has failed to deliver so far. If john really means he is going to make a everquest type game for the consol, then why did he kill eqoa? I mean this new project is going to cost soe money anyways. Provided that it does happen. So if a everquest type game does happen then eqoa really was not killed because of the high cost maintenence excuse. lol This kinda feels like a love hate relationship. The curtains was dropped on all of us, but I'm one of those rare few die hard consol fans that is sitting in an empty theater hoping against hope that soe will turn something back on.
  4. voxdisciples

    voxdisciples Member Donator

    If it does launch for the PS4 I wonder how it will work with the new contoller. You might have to invest in a wireless keyboard and whatnot anyway. I know when I played FFXI and EQOA on the PS2/PS3 that I had to invest in a keyboard but it had to be wired since you couldn't load the keyboard drivers to the playstations HDD.

    I figure at this point it is cheaper and more effiecent play wise to just play it on PC.
    Plus if it is all going to be free-to-play are they just going to release it on PSN as a F2P game for PSN that is almost unheard of except for beta events and shit quality stuff like Playstation home and stuff.

    I would like to see it on the PS4 just to increase the player base...But I am afraid it will get a bad rap this day and age being more of a PC game on the console.
  5. Amaru

    Amaru Site Owner Staff Member Moderator The Usurper

    Yes, they would release it as F2P on the PSN. That is how they are handling DCUO and PS2. Also, for the keyboard thing, most consoles have mini keyboards that attach right to your controller. They don't have them for the PS4 yet, but its only a matter of time. In regards to which is cheaper to play on, if you already have a gaming PC then the choice is obvious. But if you are starting from nothing then the 400 console is going to be cheaper than the 1k+ gaming rig.

    But overall i think this is a good thing. Its doesn't sound like ti will be a direct port of EQN, so the PC crowd won't have to worry about their game being "watered down", and the console crowd will have an EQ tailored to their system and system specs. I personally loved EQOA and would jump at the chance to play an EQ MMO on the console again (but i would play EQN as well). I loved the ability to relax on a couch and play with nothing more than a controller, and yes I know you can hook a PC up to the T.V., but its not the same. And the new combat style along with the low amount of spells has controller written all over it. I feel like it will work out well. This will also give the console crowd a great stepping stone into the EverQuest franchise.

    Quick example of a controller w/ mini keyboard
  6. Delia60

    Delia60 New Member

    I played EQOA for more years than I care to remember, but stopped after it stopped getting the deserved( IMO) updates. My daughter was going to Florida on holiday, I asked her bring me a ps2 so I could go back to it. I live in UK and had a ps3, I got my PS2 went back onto EQUA and was enjoying the game even though it had much less players. 2 weeks later Dear John announced we were being shut down :( I lost interest in PS3 as nothing came close to EQOA . Last week by chance I saw Dear John doing this interview. Friday at midnight I bought ps4. If Everquest don't appear on PS4 in some way, I am gonny bang the afore mentioned ps4 over Dear John heid!!

    A wee Scottish Granny who loved EQOA :d
  7. Fresnel

    Fresnel Member Donator

    lol I sure hope you bought a PS4 for other games. I think the most dedicated eqoa fans have come to realize that smedley has no interest in the PS4. I would love to be proven wrong. Otherwise you and a lot of other people will be waiting in a long line to take aim at john hurtling their PS4's.
  8. Delia60

    Delia60 New Member

    Haha yes I have my 18yr old grandson who is delighted that I bought it. I shall wait in anticipation though for EQ Something
  9. Amaru

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    I have to disagree here. DCUO and PS2 are already confirmed for Ps4 (DCUO already launches). Free Realms was on the PS3 and will most likely make its way to PS4. And has has confirmed though two interviews that EverQuest will come to PS4.

    EQOA was too ahead of its time. PS4 is a perfect platform for console MMOs. I also remember they saying at one point that the PS3 version of DCUO was one of their most profiting games. I think we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg with his interest in PS4. Just my two cents
  10. Fresnel

    Fresnel Member Donator

    Ya I know soe has other games for the playstation. I was just talking about EQ. I know john gave vague comments about EQ being on the PS4 when asked directly. I'm just skeptic if he will actually make it reality. I would love to see it happen for sure.

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