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    This is based strictly on what I've researched and is certainly not a final or confirmed list of developers on the project.

    Brad McQuaid -- I think we know the history here

    Noell Walling -- Worked with SOE for years before moving on to Trion (mobygames)

    Tony Vhalen Garcia -- Apparently the EQ lore buff for years, also worked for Trion before going to Brad's new group (old interview here)

    Ben de la Durantaye -- PR manager for the new group, worked with Ten Ton Hammer in the past

    James Rochelle -- Credited with art on Vanguard, Legends of Norrath, Underfoot and a few more. Currently working with Brad.
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    Corey LeFever - He was on the original Vanguard team and is suspected to be working with Brad since being let go from SOE.
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    Hmmm while I played Vanguard and wasn't too much of a fan at the way Brad's Sigil managment handled the entire situation it looks like he's learned his lesson. More and more huge budget MMO's require tens if not sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars. Hence the reason there is too much but yet not enough. Keeping things smaller helps keep things moving toward a goal.

    If I remember correctly Brad and Steve started Eq1 as a small game with a studio under the 989 flag which iirc was then owned by Sony as well. He's learned something that is require to create a vision, which people still talk about. To bring a vision to prosper you can't have too many cooks in the kitchen and have to literally block out ideas and suggestions by those that wish to give what they consider good input. While it may work for more mainstream casual-cashcow games. A true niche game needs to start small and remember its goals.

    The Vanguard forum boards (in beta they were closed after release) were a great example of casual gamers from too many genres and types getting in on the MMO surge that happened in the early-mid 2000's. Thinking back WoW & other recent MMO's do cater to the casuals for their dollars while sacrificing their core fanbase. Returning to the old style of MMOs, while some call it "punishing" players for things like deathpenalties, timesinks, little to no fast-travel. There is a market for players that wish to see the return to those types of adventures where the journey is half the fun. I like to think I'm one of them.

    btw adding Vhalen Tony Garcia = I will obviously have to try
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